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2023 Black River Trail Classic

Update from 8-24-2023

Are we past the dog days? 🐕 🌞

I think so! That means we're one big step closer to fall, one big step closer to being together in the forest, and 7 days until early bird pricing ends! Register now to take advantage of the savings.

Daily Bedtime Reading 📓

The 2023 version of the race guide is available. It is available for download on the BRTC details page or at this link. Please take a moment to read through and memorize the contents. 😄 Thanks!

Not registered yet? 🤷

Whether you're on the fence, working on your training, or simply procrastinating, it is my sincere hope that you'll be joining us in the forest. You can always scope out the competition if that helps push you along or just go ahead and register now.

Any helpers out there? 🙋🏻 👷🏽

Maybe this is the year you decide to give back to the community. If you can encourage people, help where help is needed, have fun, and spend some time in the forest you're fully qualified to volunteer. If you're interested just respond to this email or send an email to mark@nurun.co.

Thanks!! 🙏

Mark Garrigan

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