nurun co. brings people together to run on trails.

Born in Wisconsin, we're rooted in the midwest way of life.
We think hard work is a gift that makes a journey worthwhile.
We're all about sharing the unique experiences of long trail runs.

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Start of the first ever High Cliff Ultra 50k

In other words

nurun co. founder Mark Garrigan Mark Garrigan - Founder - nurun co.

People. Trails. Together.

The warm feelings of friendship, closeness and loyalty shared among a group of people or a team of people.
A thing that is plain or uncomplicated.

We like like trail and ultra running and its community and we think you will too.

There's one reason I got into trail and ultra running… a girl. Being shy sometimes makes you do seemingly crazy (crazy in my mind would be to introduce myself, like a person) things to meet people. The crazy thing for me was running a 50 mile race to "impress that girl." Little did I know, I would not only fall in love with that girl, I would also fall in love with a sport I didn't even know existed.

Fast forward a few years and that girl made me the happiest person ever when she became my wife. And, that sport, it became nurun co. It's amazingly obvious how awesome the people in this trail and ultra community are. There seems to be an endless supply of inspiration, encouragement, and optimism. We want nothing more than the opportunity to share these qualities with as many people as we can.

So nurun co. was started to do just that. Connect and grow this awesome community of people through trail and ultra running events. We hope this is evident if we're lucky enough to have you join us.

Let's run together.

Mark Garrigan